About Us


Raheela’s Journey

Make up entered its way into Raheela’s life at the age of 12 and she has never looked back. The prestigious Farita’s Salon being her sanctuary ever since, Raheela has learnt to bring out the best in women’s beauty. Through years of assisting professional trainers and observing the make up industry with a keen and curious eye, Raheela has developed a unique style of her own. CIDESCO Certified and a Post Graduate in Clinical Nutrition, her courses are more practical than theoretical, keeping international trends in mind. So more than 10 years in, here’s Raheela paving the way to a second generation of magical makeovers!

Why Raheela?

Enhancing natural beauty is Raheela’s motto. Steering away from the deceiving and artificial, she uses high end products to deliver a perfectly subtle and natural finish. Versatility being her forte, she can indulge you in looks ranging from glamorously smoky to warm and dewy. Make up is an intricate art that weaves in all the details, always keeping the customer’s personality in mind. Whatever may be the occasion, expect a lot of heads to turn!

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1. Kirti Parikh

I’d always dreamt of looking like a movie star on my wedding day and that did come true thanks to Raheela! She made me feel beautiful inside out, thanks to a completely natural look. It wasn’t an extra dolled up face, it was ME.

2. Shalini Bhandari

Sticking to the brief yet showing her creativity, Raheela brought some make up magic in my life. I’ve never had to look for another make up artist since years, completely satisfied and always recommending her to my friends and family. She will not disappoint you.

3. Shazia Rehman

5 stars to this rockstar. She surely knows how to make you look your best at all occasions! Weddings or parties – she’s my go to make up artist.

Words of wisdom to a Bride-to-be

Never compromise on your beauty for the most special and awaited occasion of your life. Make sure you choose the best make up artist and leave no room for doubts on the auspicious day. These captured memories will stay with you and your loved ones forever. So do plan it well, never hesitate to ask for references, give a detailed brief and use the best products. Make it worth all the wait, especially to notice the delight on the groom’s face when you walk up to him as his wife for the first time.

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