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As someone special enters your life, your eyes are filled with dreams of perfect beginning. The hope of looking your beautiful best overcomes you, and why not?! As your life journey takes the wedding turn, we can prove to be the perfect route for all your hair & beauty related desires. You being the ‘Princess in love’, our hair-styling & makeup services ensures you not only look but also feel like a ‘Queen of Hearts’. The transformation from a girl to the bride is an experience in itself, we can make it a memorable one!

We understand your skin tone & hair type and keeping in mind your requirement, we give you the perfect bridal look! Customer service being our base-theme, we use best product brands and latest makeup amenities. Our bridal services are beyond the ordinary, the qualified team of makeup artists and stylists ensures that you have your ‘Dream come true’ wedding look.

Indian weddings are more like an elaborated festival, with so many rituals & traditions, we work towards adorning you with a different look for each of your wedding functions. For the moments when you need to look more than just beautiful and have to look ‘Perfect’, be it wedding functions, award ceremonies, business dinners or photo-shoots, our team of hair and makeup assistants will create a flawless look for you. Feel beautiful, look stunning, Impress all the while!
Our team of professionals will make sure that your bridal look holds up under the harsh photographic lighting and carry you through the rest of the long exciting evening.


Behind every beautiful bride is a much needed luxurious, self-indulgent day at the spa! Before the most awaited (but also hectic) occasion, one really needs to slow down, prepare the skin, rejuvenate and release any speck of stress in the mind and body.
We've got it all covered. Just enter the salon and be ready to get pampered princess style from head to toe.
Choose one of our many coustomisible packages and avail delightful services that guarantee a rich glow as you walk out satisfied and absolutely ready for your big day.

If you think of a modern lace wigs or a lace front wig you will find that they fit snugly on the head and become part of it. One of the ways this has been made possible is through the use of scalp caps. Any modern brazilian virgin hair would come equipped with a scalp cap that covers the head. The hair is planted on this hair bundles so that the original pate is completely hidden. The material used in making the modern scull caps is very adaptable in the sense that it can be dyed to completely match one's skin color. When you put this lace wigs someone in front of you can never ascertain that you have indeed put on a cap. On the other hand, in the case of a lace front wig, actual hair laces are used so that they match the color of the hair bundles and seem part of your scull. Whether you want to cover your baldness or want to make a new fashion statement, there is no better option than a modern full lace wig or a lace front wig.